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Food Blog Radio

Nov 6, 2015

Food Blog Radio Episode #25

This weeks guest is Jerry James Stone! Food pornographer, full-time vegetarian, unapologetic liberal, beard model, YouTube sensation and so much more!

Listen in as we chat with Jerry about:

  • His life before the blog
  • Mom's Rice Pilaf
  • Becoming a vegetarian and learning to cook
  • He's a Computer Engineer!
  • Working for the Discovery Channel
  • A sustainable wine blog
  • How he's "a total poser"
  • More DC than Marvel
  • Film Crews and Animators - why he has more freedom to be creative in his videos
  • The future of Cooking Stoned!
    • 2nd Cookbook out next year
    • Working with Air B&B
  • Exclusive News Scoop! You heard it here first!!
  • His favorite social media outlet

Want to know more about Jerry?  You can find him here:

Thanks for listening!  Remember to tune in every Friday for another great new guest! 

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