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Food Blog Radio

Feb 5, 2016

Food Blog Radio Episode #32

This time, we travel to Hong Kong to talk with  Food/ Travel/ Lifestyle and Culture writer, Janice Leung Hayes!  Cantonese by heritage, a Hongkonger by birth, and a naturalised Australian, she shares with us about her blog, food tours and encouraging local farmers markets in Hong Kong!

Listen as we chat with Janice about:

  • Being ancient in the blogging world
  • Studying in Australia
  • Becoming a freelance writer
  • Leading customized food tours in Hong Kong
  • Seeing a culture through it's food
  • Hot Dogs and Cocktails
  • Her list of where to eat in Hong Kong and China
  • Using cameras in Asia/Smart phone photos
  • The food blogging community in Hong Kong
  • Developing Farmers Markets in the city
  • Agricultural seasons in Hong Kong
  • The one thing you must try if you go to Hong Kong! (Hint: It's not food!)
  • The story behind "E_ting"

Do you want to know more about Janice?  Here's where you can find her:

Thanks for listening!  Remember to tune in every Friday for another great new guest! 

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